Bio-Testing & Therapy Diploma Course

Practitioners Training Course

Prerequisite: – BTTI Certificate Course

Qualification: A BTTI Diploma Certificate

Course Fee: € 500 – includes course manuals, certificate and refreshments

For continuing professional development this workshop carries 150 CPD credits


 Venue: Dublin – Belfast – Cork – Derry

Course Summary

This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to carry out a Bio-Testing Treatment. Using the Indicator muscle (adductor transerversus pollicis) located in the right hand to gain information from and give practical help to the life force, in its task of detoxifying and healing thereby helping people to improve their health and recover from disease by working in harmony with the immune systems.


This course is accredited by BTTI (Bio-Testing and Therapy International). BTTI are members of FITCA (Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations). Successful candidates will obtain a diploma approved by the BTTI committee and are able to register with BTTI, obtain Public Liability insurance to work professionally as a bio-testing therapist. For continuing professional development this course carries 100 CPD credits.

Course Requirements

Training involves 5 full days to include home practice and completion of 20 case studies. The final day of training is a troubleshooting practical session with a theory test and a practical assessment on clients. Students will initially learn by practicing on each other, though for the duration of the course students will also be required to provide clients to work on plus a suitable client for the practical assessment on the final training day.

Case studies

All students must complete 20 case studies. Consultations must be completed and signed by both the client and therapist and signed off by tutor. If all 20 case studies are not completed the student will not receive their certificate.

Course Content

  • Adductor Transversus Pollicis
  • Body Polarity/Use of Indicator muscle
  • Clearings (lymph drainage)/Cerebral Spinal fluid
  • Step by step protocol
  • Inherited factors
  • Homeopathic Charts
  • Bach Flowers
  • Colours/Chakras/Aura
  • Basic Acupoints of hands & feet

Course numbers

Minimum 6, maximum 12 trainees


Theory: – 60 minute multiple choice theory examination
Practical: – 1 hour 30 minutes practical examination