Some great websites that we think you could check out

ABC Homeopathy
This website is fantastic for homeopathic information
Dr Mercola
The website to keep you abreast of current health news

Supply Company
For up to date homeopathic supplies and info……

Informed Parents
For up to date vaccination discussions

Dr Viera Scheibner a-shot-in-the-dark

Health- the only Immunity ian-sinclair

Fluoride free water
Have you got fluoride in your water?

in Ireland
What are the health effects of wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation on our children?

Dr Tom O’Bryan
Gain access to the latest news, new research and Gluten Sensitivity tips from Dr. O’Bryan…….read more

Ty Bollinger
Ty Bollinger is an out spoken supporter of natural therapies for cancer and has researched this globally…… more

Mary McGuiggan
Elizabeth Whelan