The Therapy

As a Bio-Testing and therapy therapist – what do we do?

In the 5 tasks we perform we are enhancing the Life-force:

  1. Identify the physiological fault(s) underlying health problems
  2. Identify key toxins (chemicals/microbes/attitudes/emotions) involved
  3. Find how widespread the toxic overload is (in organs and systems)
  4. Enable the life-force to deal with the toxins appropriately
  5. Tune the body so that it can function better and recover good health
The tools we use

  • The knowledge and wisdom that Freddie has passed on
  • The Kits
  • The Indicator muscle
  • The Galvanometer
  • The Acuspark
  • Our hands

Concept of Bio-Testing & Therapy

So the basic concept of Bio-Testing & Therapy is very ‘Simple’

The body heals itself – if you cut your hand your body knows and automatically starts to heal.

Bio-Testing and Therapy teaches the holistic approach to health, we emphasis the care of the whole person, not just on a physical level but emotional, mental and spiritual levels also and because all of these systems interrelate, dysfunction on any one level can lead to disorder in other parts of the body. In recognising this we also recognise the body’s unique capacity for self healing

So we work by stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal itself, by balancing negative feelings, helping you to take control and feel good about yourself.

Hence you can get more out of life!