History of The Therapy

Bio-Testing and Therapy was founded by Fr Freddie Fox.  He was a Divine Word Missionary Priest, an American originally from Kentucky but for most of his religious life was based in Liverpool.

As a result of his own ill health in or about November 1978, he began to research the phenomena of natural therapies.  For the next five years he specialized in reflexology, polarity therapy and acupressure and in 1982 he discovered EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll).  As he had no medical qualifications he was unable to study under Dr Voll, the father of German Electro-acupuncture, so he had to teach himself.  Within two years, he had managed most of the basics in his studies.

1984 brought him the opportunity to study hi-tech natural therapies in Germany – namely “Moratherapy, Mora Colour Therapy and Indumed Magnetic Therapy”.

He spent many years in research and practice in natural therapies and it was this research that led to the development of Bio Testing & Therapy as we know it today.  Bio Testing & Therapy is a bio-energetic approach to disease.

He was a Member of Medicina Alternativa (its purpose is precisely to promote research and expertise in natural therapies) and he delivered papers at international conferences as a visiting professor.

His desire was to make this natural approach to health problems available to people throughout the world, especially the most deprived.  With the needs of the third world in mind, he always sought to simplify these therapies and soon earned the nick name “Dr Shortcut”.

He has trained hundreds of people in England, Norway, Ireland, Sri Lanka, India and the USA.  Among them are medical doctors, pharmacists and dozens of nurses.  Others have gone on to develop or add the therapy to their own work and all his students are indebted to him for the research and knowledge he passed on.

Bio Testing & Therapy has evolved through Fr Fox’s research into eight different alternative therapies.  He developed an approach to health problems that requires a minimum of equipment and is straightforward enough for lay folk to learn.  It follows a protocol, which is clearly para-medical and within the parameters of primary health care.


Sr Rachel Hoey brought him to Ireland to give courses in the 1980s.  Fr Fox passed away in June 2000 but he left behind him a lifetimes’ experience and information and all his written works diagrams, which he culminated into a system of medicine that, in its basic form, is “simple and safe”.

The influences behind the development of the therapy include:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Which incorporates a complete energy based outlook on the body and works with meridians, acu-points etc.
  • Dr Reinhold Voll
    • Who co-related and expanded the Chinese medical approach and developed techniques for measuring energy levels throughout the body via acu-points on the hands, feet and head which enable one to identify basic physiological faults that underlie various chronic disease
  • Dr Samuel Hahnemann:
    • The Father of Homeopathy – the treatment that ‘treats like with like’.  Learn more…..
  • Dr Edward Bach:
    • The founder of Bach Flower remedies, a simple natural technique that supports emotional health and well being  ‘There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness’ Learn more….
  • Randolf Stone
    • Polarity Therapy – “The real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.” – Dr. Randolph Stone  Learn more……
  • Schuessler
    • Tissue Salts
  • Morell
    • Mora Therapy
  • Professor Ludwig
    • Biophysicist and inventor of Indumed Magnetic & Colour Therapy
  • Professor Cyril Smith
    • Salford University, Biophysicist and Bo Magnetic specialist.

Fr Fox’s legacy to us is a beautiful, simple and natural therapy.