Contact homeopathy…..

by Mary McGuiggan Oct 2014

The development and use in Bio-Testing and Therapy

1. To discover according to Fr Fred’s research why and how the homoeopathic nosodes and remedies used in Bio-Therapy help in the treatment of Disease?
2. How did Fr. Fred develop Contact Homoeopathy?
3. How did Fr Fred make his original remedies?
4. How are these remedies made today for use in Bio-Therapy?
5. How I have used contact Homoeopathy in Bio-Therapy.

The following is an extract from a letter, (written by Rev. Prof. Fred Fox, 21, Halewood, Liverpool) in a letter to Sr. Lydwina C.P., dated the 11/6/1993

“What distinguishes the bulk of our work is that it is the harmony with and supports the natural protective and healing forces of nature viz the life force and the immune system of each individual we deal with, whereas conventional medicine batters the immune system from birth to death with vaccines (designed to enter the blood stream), antibiotics (which leave the toxic substance of a disease trapped in the tissues of the body),with a battery of drugs designed simply to alleviate the symptoms of disease without correcting the faults which prompt the immune system to re-act in a particular way. This is comparable with smashing the warning light on an instrument panel instead of taking care of the need which the panel indicates. This is tragic, both in the short term and even worse the long term because it leads ultimately to the utter collapse of the immune system with the terrible consequences of degenerative diseases which so wreck people’s lives. Although conventional medicine does also work in harmony with nature in so far as it provides things which nature can no longer provide in individuals such as insulin, various hormones and enzymes and makes some provision for physiotherapy, it relies for the most part on the trio of POISON, CUT and BURN”

Having been diagnosed with Schizophrenia twenty years previously, Fr. Fred or Freddie, as he became affectionately known, had personal experience of conventional medicine. When he became ill in the Phillipines, he returned to England, where he embarked on a journey that was to change his life and the lives of others.
He commenced the Study of Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Homoeopathy, Schuessler’s Tissue Salts, Bio-Physics, Magnetic and Colour Therapy and Bio-Magnetism. He was fortunate to study under Morrell (Mora Therapy), Prof. Ludwig (Bio-Physicist and Inventor of Indumed Magnetic and Colour Therapy) and Prof. Cyril Smith (Salford University Biophysicist and Bio-Magnetic Specialist.)
During his studies, he discovered that the toxic metal cadmium was causing his illness. Cadmium (Cd) is a highly toxic metal (carcinogen) used in electroplating (wristbands, watches, spectacles, medals, chains, buckles, bracelets and earrings), in dental amalgams, cigarettes, fertilizers, colouring in cosmetics, paints, concrete floors and ceramics. It causes headaches, anaemia, kidney dysfunction and easily crosses the brain barrier, blocking the arachnoid villi and raising cerebral fluid pressure. It was present in a cream, used topically for mosquito bites in the Philippines. This metal, he discovered was the cause of his Schizophrenia!!!!

1. How and why Homoeopathic Nosodes and Remedies used in Bio-Therapy work in the Treatment of Disease

In one of his many research papers, titled “An Approach to Various Diseases” and dated 25th February 1985, he wrote:
“Healing from disease must come from within a person, it cannot be imposed from without. External help is effective only if it initiates or supports the process of self-healing. Such is the case when obstacles to self-healing are removed or at least reduced and when energy is given to support various functions of the body which are otherwise too weak.
One way in which the body can be supported is with Homoeopathic Medicine. This means the body is given a specific form of energy by means of a polarized or magnetized medium, usually lactose (milk sugar) to make-up for what is lacking or deficient in the system.
E.g. Arnicia can be used to stimulate the adrenal glands so that one can cope with stress better in an emergency”
As Freddie continued with his research he stated, in another paper, entitled “An Empirical Test for the Validity of Homoeopathy” and dated 25th August 1989.
“A Homoeopathic Remedy, whether in the form of water, water mixed with alcohol or with lactose tablets is Magnetic in Nature”
In another paper “Bio-Therapy: What we do.” Dated 19th April 1993, he stated:
“To understand how homoeopathy works one must realise that everything radiates magnetic energy. Each chemical and microbe, each mineral, plant and living being, radiates a magnetic field unique to its kind. The usual way to make a homoeopathic remedy is by diluting the substance over and over again, each time potentizing the solution by tapping or shaking. This causes the magnetic radiations of the original substance to produce their likenesses in the solutions as liquid crystals with magnetic fields which mirror those of the originals.

2. The Development of Contact Homeopathy

Using modern technology (e.g. The Mora instrument), it is possible to record the magnetic fields which radiate from nosodes, remedies and original substances directly on to magnetic tape.”
(A Nosode is a homeopathic preparation taken from patients with a disease e.g. measles. It is obtained from bodily tissue e.g. pus, discharge, faeces, blood or saliva.)
During my research when speaking to Ms. Jan Bray in Liverpool, I discovered that, in fact, when in Bali in March 1986, Fr Fred having found himself short of his homeopathic pillules discovered that magnetic tape with the homeopathic information recorded on it electronically worked just as well!
He writes in “An Empirical Test for the validity of Homeopathy” dated 25 August 1989
” A final most exciting experiment is to use a small piece of magnetic tape (in lieu of a conventional remedy) upon which the homoeopathic information has been recorded electronically.
The effect is exactly the same!! This proves that homeopathic remedies from whatever the source are purely magnetic in nature, and can be transferred not only to water and carbohydrate but also to conventional recording tape. In fact most of my test kit consists of small strips of magnetic tape stored in small, clear glass bottles. I began using tape in March 1986 in Bali.”
And from his paper “Biotherapy: What we do.” dated 19th April 1993
“Homeopathic nosodes and remedies neutralize the magnetic fields of the chemicals, microbes, minerals, plants and living matter from which they are made. If any of the latter interfere with a person’s life-force, the interference can be neutralized simply by placing the corresponding nosode or remedy within the magnetic field of that person’s
body. Remarkably and contrary to current practices, we find it is not necessary to consume homeopathic solutions or tablets to benefit from them. It suffices to place them (or their taped recordings) anywhere on the body. The magnetic field immediately picks up the energy and reacts to it. The effect, however, can be greatly enhanced by simultaneously stimulating the life-force in some further way. Tapping lightly on the body (the sense of touch) or tapping audibly on any object (the sense of sound) are just two ways of doing this.

Homoeopathic remedies serve a further remarkable purpose: they help to “tune” the body. The reason for this is that their magnetic fields correspond to those of healthy organs of the body. Magnetic oscillations which radiate from these remedies help weakened organs to expel toxic substances and return them to harmony with the rest of the body. This enhances the body’s functions and it opens the way to better health.”

3. How did Fr Fred make his original remedies?

When I spoke to Jan Bray, who had worked with and been treated by Freddie for many years, I asked her where Fred had sourced his original remedies.
She said that he collected them wherever he travelled – India, America, Bali, Ireland etc.
Fr Fred continues
“The remedies recorded in our Bio-Therapy vials radiate homeopathic energy simultaneously in seven potencies: from low to high – 6C being low and 200C high.
Low potencies usually suffice in acute (very recent) health problems while medium potencies (such as 30C) may suffice in early chronic stages of disease and high potencies (200C) may be needed to deal with well-established health problems. They relate to the organs of the body in depth as well as on the surface, helping the body to deal with diseases in various stages.”
When Freddie started to record information on magnetic tape, he had been using the Mora machine. This machine had been designed in 1957 by Dr. Frank Morrell and a technician named Raesch. The name of the machine incorporated the first two letters of both their surnames. The Mora machine transfers energy from substances to nosode/remedy or duplicates a nosode or a remedy)
There are other smaller machines which Fred used in later years and which we in Bio-Therapy use for the same purpose. These are called Electric/Radionic Potentizers.
What constitutes a machine?
These machines work by battery rather than mains electricity and are therefore are of great practical use to practioners. They have two containers connected by copper wire and a control switch which transfers the energy from the particular remedy to the recipient blank vial. Remedies can also be made at different power levels from 0 – 250 power units. (i.e. the actual amount of energy in the remedy)
This allows the BTTI practioner to copy a remedy from any of the BTTI kits, therefore enabling a quick method of treating a client.

4. How to make a Homeopathic kit

I contacted Sr. Rachel Hoey, St Raphaela’s, and Dublin during my research.
It was Sr. Rachel who helped Fr. Fred to set up BTTI and who has continued his work for many years and particularly in making the Remedy kits for BTTI.
This is how she has been making the remedies/kits.
Materials needed
1. A set of BTTI nosodes/remedies
2. Magnetic tape
3. A Potentizer
4. Empty Vials
5. A set of names, of all the remedies/nosodes in the kit, recorded on small pieces of paper that can be added to each vial.
6. Storage trays for remedy vials

Combination kitNote:
Unless the Remedies have been sitting beside a powerful magnet, through an x-ray machine or sitting in strong sunlight for a long period of time, they are completely fine to use as a Donor Sample for your new remedy.

Testing and Re-energizing the Remedies- (If necessary)
1. You can test by whatever means you have (E.g. Dowsing or the BTTI Muscle Indicator) in order          to check if the remedies are potentized.
2. Re-energize remedies/nosodes using another set of remedies and a potentizer or
3. Place a finger on each remedy/nosode and say the name of the said remedy/nosode is another          way to re-energize the remedies.

1. Cut up small strips of magnetic tape.
2. Insert a strip, along with the name tag of the remedy to be copied, into an empty vial.
3. Use the potentizer to copy the remedy.
i.e. moving the switch backwards and forwards 7 times, then pause and repeat 6 additional times.

5. How I have used contact Homeopathy

In 1993, I attended my first week of Bio-Testing and Therapy training with Fr. Fred.
I was amazed at what I was witnessing, so I became determined to take the remedies/nosodes home and practise on my family and friends. I developed a method where I could use the therapy to treat myself, using my left hand to feel the indicator muscle of my right hand and to use the small finger of my right hand to contact the remedies etc.
The results were staggering despite my lack of knowledge.
Finding toxins in the body using a simple technique and to be able to tap in the key remedy, giving someone such valuable information in order to boost their immune system was and still is the key to using vials.
I have helped my children to remain healthy over the last twenty years and found it a fantastic way to educate them in caring for themselves.
It has become a valuable tool that I use to treat myself, friends and clients.
Last week I treated a one year old boy for his skin condition (eczema) and at the same time I treated his mum. She phoned me yesterday to say how amazed she was by the difference in her child!!
It’s wonderful to be able to carry on a little of Fr. Fred’s work and I am eternally grateful for his research, his intelligence and his love for mankind and for his development of Contact Homoeopathy

My thanks to Sr. Lydwina Farrell, Christina Benson, Sr. Rachel Hoey and Jan Bray for their support and guidance.

Sources for Materials

Radionic potentizer – (previously Whitemountain- Gillian lee)
Homoeopathic supply company-
Charlie Evans, 3 Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge, Lancashire, WN6 9DR
Tel 0044125725246(Plastic trays)
Magnetic Tape can be bought on e-bay.
Pre-recorded tape can be used if cleared using a magnet.
(Simply move a magnet over the tape a number of times in order to clear the previous recorded information)