Eoin MacCuirc

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Eoin feel really blessed to have met and trained with Fr Fred Fox.¬† He was fascinated by Fred’s work and impressed with the improvement in his own health after Fred worked on him in the first Bio-Testing and Therapy class he took in 1988. He went on to train with Fred many times over the following years and still uses techniques that he learned in Bio-Testing and Therapy to this day.

From 1988 He has developed his skills both in Bio-Testing and Therapy and other healing methods. He moved from his native Dublin to Cork in 1994 where he continued his healing and learning journey. He has learned much from his colleagues in Bio-Testing and Therapy, the BTTI newsletter and from the regular training days organised by BTTI.

Since Fred sadly passed away in June 2000, Eoin has been the main facilitator for Bio-Testing and Therapy training  and has taken many inspiring workshops throughout these years. He has been instrumental in setting training standards for the current Bio-Testing and Therapy curriculum and since 2014 has been involved in training other facilitators.

Eoin believes Fr Fred’s work is a great legacy and keeping it alive and thriving is what Bio-Testing and Therapy International is all about.