Tony Lawless

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Tony was first introduced to Bio-Testing and Therapy in November 2004 by one of his mentors at the time. From that very first day it was obvious to him that this therapy would have great clinical applications and it has since become a core component of his work and life philosophy.

He started to study Bio-Testing and Therapy in 2005 and has continued to learn, practice and follow the advice offered by Fr Fox through this wonderful therapy. Fred’s  work has now become the cornerstone of his daily practice which he uses to help support family, friends and clients on their daily quest for sustainable better health and wellbeing.

In 2008 he completed his “Advanced” level qualification and in 2014 started the process of becoming a facilitator for Bio-Testing and Therapy courses.

Tony also work with a number of other therapies including CranioSacral Therapy and Vibrational Healing. The study off Bio-Testing and Therapy has had a very positive effect on his life and has given him a much deeper understanding of body function than he would have ever thought possible.

He is looking forward to sharing Fr Fox’s work with all who may be interested in learning about this wonderful complementary therapy.

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