I am GLAND!….how are your Hormones?


BTTI 2023 Winter Series Webinar


Eoin MacCuirc

I am GLAND!….how are your Hormones?  

Sunday 26th November


17th December 2023


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The hormonal system or endocrine system of the body has various glands that release different hormones, these are the body’s communication system.

They carry essential messages that have far-reaching effects and control body processes at every level, from energy uptake of a single cell to the overall function of the body. In this 2-part webinar Eoin will coer the glands of the endocrine system, their effect on the body and illness related to any imbalance with simple steps you can take to correct.

Sunday  26thNovember  2023

Top to Bottom

  • Hypothalamus

  • Pineal

  • Pitutary

  • Thyroid

  • Parathyroid

  • Thymus                                   


    Sunday 17th December 2023

    Bottom to Top 

  • Sex Organs

  • Pancreas

  • Adrenals       

    • Other Hormone Releasing Glands

    • Stomach

    • Small Intestine

    • Heart

    • Placenta

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