Introduction Workshop Derry 22nd May 2022


BioTesting & Therapy

Self-Help Workshop

 Date: Sunday 22th May 2022

 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Venue: St. Columb’s Park House, Derry BT47 6J

Cost £50.00

BT& T is a Bio-energetic approach to disease, restoring the body’s natural energies by Fr. Freddie Fox. It is used to gain information from and give practical help to the life force, in its task of detoxifying and healing.

It helps people to improve their health and recover from disease by working in harmony with the immune systems.VV

wayne-dyerIt is a safe and simple method using the Adductor Transversus Pollicis muscle in the webbing of the hand to identify toxins, chemical or microbes.  Identifying such toxic substances enables us to warn people about the sources of health problems so they can avoid such health hazards in the future.

BioTesting and Therapy includes checking Polarity, using Homeopathic remedies, Tissue salts, Bach flower remedies and finally clearing the aura and balancing the chakras.


The workshop will cover the principles behind Bio-Testing and Therapy as taught by Fr. Freddie Fox. Bio-Testing and Therapy is a simple and safe bio-energetic approach to disease, restoring the body’s natural energies. The workshop is open to those who wish to explore the realms of alternative therapy to help family and friends or use acquired knowledge with existing therapies.

Topics include:

  • Energy Medicine (Homeopathy, Celliod minerals and Bach Flowers)
  • Polarity and Magnetic energy
  • Indicator Muscle
  • Introduction to the Colour Aura and Chakra’s
  • Lymph Drainage techniques & Do-in Massage (self-massage)


Workshop Details


    Mary McGuiggan +44 7871902584