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BTTI Spring series of 3 zoom presentations

Re-energize & Re-motivate Your Life Now!

‘The Emotional Body’ Feb-2021-zoom-presentations

28th February 2021

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11.00 am  Sunday 28thFebruary, 28thMarch & 9thMay 2021

Eoin MacCuirc has been working in the field of natural health since 1988 after being introduced to Freddie Fox and Bio-Testing, he is currently the president of Bio-Testing and Therapy International. B.T.T.I is an organisation set up by Freddie Fox to inspire, motivate and teach simple and alternative ways to embrace health & well-being.

This workshop was inspired by the parallels between Dr Weaver’s book ’Exhausted to Energised’ and the teachings of Freddie Fox encouraging ‘Better Health for All’.

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Cost € 10.00 each workshop

Free to BTTI members

There are times in our lives when we all need a little help getting motivated to get on with our day or indeed to move forward in our lives especially in the new norm that is being created. This well-being workshop is an opportunity to find out what is draining your energy and holding you back from pursuing your passion. Providing you with simple insightful tools and techniques to overcome these barriers, helping you move forward in your life in a more positive way and having more energy to pursue the things that you love.


·         Understand the 3 Pillars of Health

·         The Nutritional Body

·         The Emotional Body

·         The Bio-chemical Body

·         Simple self-help tools

·         Reflection



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