“Resilience & Self Reliance in changing times”


 “Resilience & Self Reliance in changing times”

          A series of 3 zoom presentations by Eoin MacCuirc

Eoin is an alternative therapist, inspirational teacher, trainer and consultant who has worked in the field of natural health and personal transformation since 1988.

4th October – 1st November – 6th December


In these ‘Rare Auld Times’ the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus is currently affecting many aspects of our lives. Globally, change is happening…. The way we shop, work, communicate and entertain ourselves.                                                                                             

We need to find ways to respond to these changes, in a positive and constructive way.    

In these presentations Eoin will give some insight into human behaviour and what we can do to help and support ourselves and others on this journey……                                                                                                                                                      

Bringing awareness and empowering ourselves to create and embrace a wonderful new beginning.


  • Have a deeper understanding of Resilience and Self-reliance and why they are important
  • Understanding the Kubler Ross ‘Change curve’
  • The 3 dimensions of wellbeing
  • The ‘3’ F’s
  • Psychological first aid
  • Social interaction
  • Action Plan – ‘Change for good’