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Nothing lives without water!

In its purest form water, is odourless, nearly colourless and tasteless.

It’s in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. All forms of life need it, and if they don’t get enough of it, they die – Water is life!

As our body cannot store water we need to take it in daily – Although the amount of water that we need each day varies. You can get your water by drinking other beverages — but some beverages, like alcohol, can make you more dehydrated.

Most people sweat out about two cups of water per day (0.5 litres). Each day, we also lose a little more than a cup of water (237 ml) when we exhale it, and we eliminate about six cups (1.4 l) of it.
When you don’t get enough water, or lose too much water, you become dehydrated. Signs of mild dehydration include dry mouth, excessive thirst, dizziness, light-headedness and weakness. If people don’t get fluids at this point, they can experience severe dehydration, which can cause convulsions, rapid breathing, a weak pulse, loose skin and sunken eyes. Ultimately, dehydration can lead to heart failure and death.
When you consider that a fully functioning brain is 80% water it is easy to see that the brain is one of the first places to register dehydration.
Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, and that is the same ratio of solid matter to water as the ratio of land to ocean on the earth. It is the cradle that holds the universal messages in and around every living cell of every living thing on Earth.

Physical effect of water on the body    

‘Dr B’ – ‘Dr. Batman’F. Batmanghelidj born in Iran in 1931, When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, he was placed in Prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months. It was there he discovered the healing powers of water by successfully treating inmates with water when medication was not available. Learn more….

Energetic effect of water

Some spectacular experiments have been undertaken recently by Dr. Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist that have vividly illustrated waters ability to hold messages and that as human beings, we can change the nature of water in many ways.  Water truly does have powerful messages for us. Learn more…..

Armed with this scientific knowledge we can move a step closer to understanding HOW and WHY Bio-Testing & Therapy actually works.

Water intake formula                  A 10 stone person = 140lbs
140lbs divided by 2 = 70
There is 20floz in a pint
70floz = three & a half pints of water per day

Self help
Drink more water…